Reoshu - The Islander Saga

Chapter 2

== chapter 2 ==
After a long cold night trying to stay dry the young heroes awoke and began their journey north into Luskara to find a ship to take from Igoris.  Staying on the roads while still travelling through the woods allowed them to save time.  When they saw a patrol coming down the path they ducked into the woods and waited them out.  They took the pause in their journey to discuss the plan for getting through the plains ahead without being spotted.  They decided to travel at night and find an old damaged farm house from the last war to stay in during the day.  They made their way out of the woods as night fell and pushed on through the plains until deep into the night.  On the outskirts of the small farm town Ambleside they found a suitable old farm house.  It had a missing roof, that looked like it was burned off in a fire.  It had been abandoned for at least a decade but a neighboring farm had taken to tending the land.  Part of the wall in one corner was collapsed and the only room they could hide the horses in had a big open window facing the neighboring farmhouse in the distance.  Bors had to calm the horses and get them to lay down on the old wooden floor.  As the sun started to come up they realized they were commited to hiding here and the extra light also revealed a few scattered toys on the ground as well as a small wooden sword well-worn and recently used.  It was too late to go anywhere else so Bors and Jepp crammed into the small kitchen and tried to sleep.  Elisar stood near the window and watched the farmhouse.  The family there got up early and began doing assorted chores.  Elisar had never really seen a farm before, and could only barely remember what it was like having a family.  Through the window he watched as the children ran and played and the parents showed them affection.  He felt a longing for all he had lost. He was tired not only from the day and night of traveling but of feeling so alone.  He switched off with Jepp and slipped into a deep slumber.  Jepp spent his time on watch keeping an eye on the family as well.  It was the only thing to do other than sit there thinking.  And thinking about how this crazy plan was likely to get them all killed wasn't exactly comforting.  After watching the family for a while he couldn't help but think of how families in Ithara used to frolick around just as happily.  All the while ignorant to the coming betrayal of the empire.  To think of how this happy little family had no idea that their kingdom was the next target and that they were just living a lie.  A sad pathetic lie that he hated them for still having.  He turned away from the window and decided to focus on his revenge instead.  Which meant figuring out how to get across the checkpoint.  Jepp realised that he would need some tools to alter Bors passport so they could make it through.  He could alter his own as well and the weird kid could look normal so that would get him through.  There should be a village near the check point.  He was focused on figuring out a plan that Bors had to wake himself and relieve him of his watch.  Before Jepp would lay down though he asked Bors about the towns on their path.  Only one would likely have what he needed and there was an outpost of troops there.  It was a good reason to keep the knight out of the town lest he be recognized.  Plus it would give Jepp a chance to do some stealing without getting an earful of moral advice.  Bors watch started out uneventful but as it drew into late afternoon two of the boys from the house started towards the building.  Thinking quickly he alerted his sleeping companions and advised them to remain hidden in the kitchen.  The boys stood in the broken down doorway across from the horses and around the corner from Bors with their jaws open.  They had come to play soldier and found their playhouse now came with two horses.  One of the boys let out a curse he had heard his father save for special occasions.  Then suddenly from around the corner Bors stepped out.  A knight, in armor!  Though it was covered for the most part by his cloak they could see the emblems and crest he was displaying for them.  After giving the boys a quick but playful reminder that cursing is not very knightly he implemented his plan.  Bors told the children that he was on a secret mission, escorting a diplomat whose identity had to be kept a secret.  The boys were more than eager to help out a knight on a secret quest and agreed immediately.  Bors gave each of them one of his service ribbons that he had on hand.  After agreeing to keep the secret the older boy asked for a sparring lesson from the knight.  Bors decided to have a little fun and play with the kids to keep them entertained and to make sure that they stayed here and kept their promise til nightfall when he and his companions would be able to leave.  After a couple hours of playing with they children Bors noticed a woman coming towards their hiding spot from the large house and apparently calling out the boys names.  However in the moment after he noticed her he saw her gaze meet his before he could move away from the window.  She began to shout and move quickly as Bors moved out of sight and told the children it was time to leave.  The children rushed out of the door and went around the broken down house to their mother.  elisar opened the door to the kitchen and motioned Bors inside.  He shushed the two while speaking in his weird tongue.  As the two humans readied their weapons in case things went south the young Lehane readied his and peeked around the corner.  He held one hand up focusing on the doorway and as the mother came around holding her children by the hand he completed his spell.  The mother stood there for a moment looking into what now appeared to be an empty and abandoned home.  The kids silently looked around wondering where the horses and their new friend had gone.  After a few moments the mother decided she must have been imaginging seeing a full grown man in there with a sword and told the boys to stop playing in the old house before dragging them back home.  As they turned away Elisar let the illusion fade and caught his breath.  Bors and Jepp came out of the kitchen and Bors looked through the window and gave a smile and a nod to the older boy as he turned back looking while being dragged home by his mother.  Jepp chimed in, "I think it is time we go."
    Bors led the horses out the side of the broken barn and they hopped on electing to dash out of town and take the risk of being seeing in return for the safety of distance.  They crossed into the plains and made their way to Fort Kent.  It was just past halfway through the night when they made it to the outskirts.  Bors found a small hill to lay on and attempt to remain hidden.  Elisar and Jepp took the horses into town and talked there way through the gate by convincing the guard that Elisar was Jepps sick son and they needed to get medicine.  After making their way into town and looking through main street the only store that seemed to have what they needed was the main supply store.  Jepp attempted to pick the locks on the building but was unable to get it open.  After his failure Elisar decided to take a turn at it with his magic and pushed Jepp cockily out of the way.  Only to fail as well.  They would have to wait until the store opened in the morning.  Meanwhile Bors found himself distracted by his thoughts as he waited for the return of the others.  There was a group of soldiers that passed nearby on the road but they didn't notice each other at all.  Back in town Jepp was waiting as the owner of the store came to open up and was told he would have to wait.  However after slipping the man a coin to expedite the opening he was allowed in so that he could make his purchases.  Elisar waited outside near the horses.  After a few minutes of standing there he was approached by an elderly woman.  Fort Kent being such a small town she was surprised to see an unattended child she didn't know.  She tried to talk to Elisar who did everything he could to dissuade her from approaching but once she was there and asking him who he was and where his parents were his agitation grew.  Out of anger he yelled at her that they are dead.  She looked at him confusedly and he remembered that these people couldn't understand his tongue and he decided to just walk away before passersby grew interested.  The old lady tried to keep up shouting after him as he walked briskly away but she soon fell and injured herself.  Luckily the other people on the street were focused on the fallen woman and not the subject of her yells as Elisar slipped around the corner and away from sight.  For a moment he began to worry he was getting lost again but then found he had simply wandered around to the other side of the building.  After haggling with the shopkeep and getting all the supplies they needed Jepp walked out of the store to find the horses unattended, Elisar no where to be seen, and a small crowd gathered around an old woman on the ground not far away.  Surely Elisar must be involved he thought to himself as he loaded up the horses.  When he turned to lead them out of town he saw Elisar there waiting in the shadows keeping his distance from the crowd.  Jepp just shook his head and handed Elisar one of the leads as they silently made their way down the street.  They stopped not too far from the gate and found a crate in an alley to use as a make shift table while Jepp went to work.  After finishing the forgeries they headed out of the gate and met up with Bors by the hill. 



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