Reoshu - The Islander Saga

the first chapter

The young soldier bors travels home from the front lines in Luskara with vicks and wedge, soldiers under his command, as well as the ambassador Grunnlok.  On their way back they are tracked by Jepp who has been searching for Grunnlok since his resistance was defeated.  He was spotted following them and Bors ordered his men to check out the strange traveller following them while Grunnlok watched.  Then Wedge checked his travel papers, took a bribe from him, and then let him on his way.  That night at camp late into the night Jepp managed to sneak in to Grunnloks tent, but Grunnlok had recognized him and was waiting in the shadows.  After Jepp took the time to adjust to the light and then drew his dagger and advanced Grunnlok suddenly lit up the room with bright light temporarily blinding Jepp.  He taunted that he looked like his nephews and the two began to fight.  Shortly after Vicks and Bors came rushing in to Grunnloks aid, however before Jepp could be subdued he was slightly burned and also gave Grunnlok a cut across his face.  Grunnlok demanded to burn Jepp alive at that point but Bors stepped in and ordered him arrested instead as they were now in Moreth territory.  Grunnlok objected and claimed that Jepp was a wanted criminal and he would have him extradited.  They locked him in chains and took them with them back to Elistar the city of stone.  On the way Jepp was able to tell the Morethians his story, though only Bors seemed to listen.  Vicks was upset about being lashed over his failures in guard duty and checking Jepps papers.  Bors was intrigued by the mans story but his duty was more important.  After arriving to the city Jepp was locked up in a military cell and Bors escorted Grunnlok to the capital building where he was to meet with the Blessed and verify their status before the arrival of Lord Eturius.  Bors was dismissed and given leave which he used to go to house Elgor in an attempt to speak with his childhood sweetheart Eva Elgor.  He was met by her father who has always disliked him.  They had an exchange in which Bors found out the Eva's sister Lea had died and Eva was now one of the blessed.  After finding that out he was no longer certain what was right so he went to the jail to speak with Jepp and find out more about his story.  Jepp explained to Bors how his people were once allies of Viz Riwelda until they turned on them and destroyed them and how he then found his cousin who had been one of the blessed sent from his people.  But when Jepp attempted to rescue her she did not even remember him.  They had taken everything that made her into her.  She was killed as they attempted to escape.  After hearing his story Bors decided to go back and speak with Grunnlok.  He made it to the capital building not long after the Blessed had been led away and Grunnlok was prepared to speak with him.  He suspected that Bors had listened too much to Jepp and had prepared his own story.  In which he admitted to having been married to Jepps cousin and having children with her.  He explained the process of training and initiation that the Blessed go through, including being bathed in the fountain of magic during the ceremony of welcome.  He stated that Jepps people were the agressors and continued to start wars with allied neighbors and that his people had to step in.  He told Bors that when Jepp and his resistance fighters came to rescue Lyanna she chose to stay with him and their children and then during their escape one of Jepps resistance fighters killed Lyanna.  That he wanted to see Jepp burn because he held him responsible for the loss of his wife.  After his gripping story Bors found himself unable to find any reason not to believe him.  Jepp had no proof and Grunnloks story was compelling.  Grunnlok decided to invite Bors to be his guest at the feast that night.  Bors went to the Arddem residence, home of his lieutenant and friend, where he was staying and got ready for the feast.  At the feast he sat with Grunnlok as well as the adjunct and Lord Eturius.  After the lord mayor gave his customary speech and the adjunct and Lord Eturis did the same.  Then the blessed were brought in and given a chance to say their goodbyes to the lord and ladies and their homeland.  When Eva stepped up to say her piece she kept finding herself looking at Bors.  She hadn't expected him to be there, and she ended up adding a mention of an old oak tree into her speech, in order to make sure Bors would go there.  She had left him a note there confessing her love, but also her need to follow in his footsteps and do her duty for her country as well. Which meant in this case to get married as a blessed and leave for Viz Riwelda never to return.  Bors drank himself into a stupor that night and passed out after the feast then in the morning he went to the tree and found the letter she had left him.  After reading it he had to go and see Jepp again.  He asked him more about what had happened and if he knew how to get to Viz Riwelda.  He knew the blessed had left at first sunlight and that if he didn't do something he would lose her forever. He found Grunnlok and spoke with him again to find out more information if he could and try to settle the battle between his head and his heart. Against his better judgement he decided to take papers from Lt Arddems office and take them to Jepp so that he could forge them into transfer papers. After getting them forged he needed help for a transfer.  He went to Vicks and Wedge but after telling them his plan and what he needed from them and why Vicks would have nothing to do with it and advised Bors just move on.  Wedge however decided to help, but he would only get him out of the prison, then he requested to be knocked out in an alley so he could claim he was just following orders and tricked.  Grunnlok was waiting for the others to arrive at sunup to head back to the battlefront together, after only Vicks showed up he grew impatient then eventually drilled Vicks and found out what Bors was up to.  They raised the alarm but it was too late Bors and Jepp had managed to make it out of the city.  They were on the road from the city though and heard the bells in the distance and decided to move off the road and into the woods as it started storming.  After a few hours travelling they set up camp without a fire and tried to dry off and keep warm.

Elisar arrived in the port city travelling from the southern continent.  He noticed a few Viz Riweldan ships and attempted to spy on one, which is where he saw Lord Eturius and noticed his powerful and peculiar magical aura.  The energy crackling out of him was disconcerting and he seemed like an over charged battery.  He listened in as the dark mage discussed his need for his ship to be ready to leave upon his return and that he was going to pick up the blessed.  Drawn by his power Elisar decided to follow him even when he left the port city and headed to Elistem.  Upon his arrival in Elestem he realized that none of the locals understood his language.  He was assigned a guard to take him to the embassy building to see the adjunct but slipped away from the guard as soon as he could by switching from hand to hand then putting a childs hand in the guards and walking away.  He did eventually find his way to the embassy but none of the mages were there.  He listened in on guards complaining about not getting to go to the feast at the great hall and he realized that is where the others would go but in his attempt to find it he got totally lost.  Eventually he pled with the stars to guide him and they led him to a rooftop where he ended up falling asleep defeaated.  He did awaken in the morning though to find he was across the street from Lord Eturius and that he now had 8 young women with him, all with magical power.  He ended up following them back to the port city and then snuck onto the boat before they got to it.  Elisar attempted to start a fire/ steal magical items, then fled the ship before their return.  They put the fire out and got under way planning to make repairs on the way.  This also put the port into heightened security.  After that the stars seemed to guide Elisar back east towards Elestem so he left out upon the road again.  However after seeing groups of soldiers making their way along the road seeming to be searching for someone he headed off the path and ended up deep in the woods in the rain where he stumbled upon two men trying to stay warm.

Elisar Jepp and Bors meet in the woods and Elisar explains through magic that the stars have guided him to them. (during sidebar between Jepp and Bors which Elisar was eavesdropping on Bors says they can't just leave the kid in the woods and Jepp replies the stars will guide him home.)  After overcoming communication issues with fire puppetry Elisar explains he is older and a powerful mage and he also reveals to them that the ship with Eva has already left the port.  After discussing further they decide to try and head through the front lines into Luskara to get a ship and sail to Viz Riwelda.



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